Kind Hands to all Animals

The Kind Hands to all Animals is a project that has been designed to educate people of all ages and raise awareness about being kind to animals. 

Our charity's aims are to relieve the suffering of animals by raising public awareness and providing practical and financial support to charities whose work is to look
after, protect and, where appropriate, to find homes for animals that have been abused and neglected. With the funds raised through our two charity shops in
Swansea, we can continue to support many organisations including Many Tears Animal Rescue, PDSA, RSPCA Llys Nini Animal Centre, Guide Dogs for the Blind,
Hopethruhorses and various animal sanctuaries. We help fund specific projects such as the supply of reflective head-collars to equine charities. The Trust has also
paid for the treatment of sick and injured animals with the help and support of local veterinary practices who do such excellent work in our community. We also work
closely with other animal support organisations to ensure we have an impact on the welfare of animals in Wales.

The RSPCA has reported a 340% increase in images of animal cruelty being posted on social media sites such as Snapchat, with many of these posts
coming from children. Teaching children kindness towards animals has wider implications for society. A child’s attitude toward animals can predict future behaviour. Cruelty to animals is considered one predictor of violence towards human beings. Education and the promotion of animal welfare is vital and must be a priority in order to break the cycle of animal cruelty. We have designed a KHTAA DVD and workbook to help teach everyone about having kind hands to all to animals. Our project includes an educational DVD teaching you about the welfare of animals and how to be kind to them. There will then be an activity workbook to work on from the DVD which will include a multiple- choice quiz in each chapter with fun learning activities in between them. The workbook will also include paw point facts throughout, which states different facts about animals that are not featured in the DVD with a paw points quiz at the back.

Click on the link to take a look at our Kind Hands to all Animals film. 

Kind Hands to All Animals (KHTAA) (Full Film) - YouTube 

Thank you for your support.


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