New Keeping People and Pets Together Project!

'Keeping People and Pets Together' Project

Our charity is concerned about the increasing number of people struggling to care for their pets and the possible increase in the abandonment of animals due to health and economic hardship.

'Keeping People and Pets Together' has been started with the aim of reducing the number of animals who are abandoned or given up for adoption. Our project will include a pet food bank where all food is provided by Burns Pet Nutrition, a pet ambulance service for collecting pets and taking them to veterinary surgeries or to re-homing centres if people are no longer able to care for them, and a telephone advice helpline.

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, we have been overwhelmed with calls for help from people who are elderly, facing financial hardhsip, disabled, and isolating, to help taking their animals to the veterinary surgeries for treatment and for help to pay veterinary bills.

This project has arisen as a result of the current pandemic but has highlighted an on-going need within the community which the Keeping People and Pets Together project will meet.

Keeping People and Pets Together is being sponsored by Burns Pet Nutrition. 



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