Would you like to give your free time to become a volunteer and help us to help animals?

The Pettifor Trust.... ‘Devoted to the Welfare of Animals’...  is always in need of volunteers, not only to help run our charity shops in Sketty and Killay, but also to help with our events at fetes and carnivals, participate in beach clean-ups, fundraising in the community, and becoming involved in spreading the word of our work and the plight of animals in need.   

Whatever your interest, we have something here for you!

Here at the Trust we are all a friendly, informal, and happy bunch, and welcome all newcomers with open arms.  Need help with building confidence?... then we can help!  Need work experience?.. we can help!  Like to make new friends and gain new experiences?... we can help!  Even if you are just fed up of being in the house?... we can help!

If you would like to join our growing team, and make new friends along the way, or would just like to have a chat to learn more about our work, just click on the link below and we'll get the ball rolling!   

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