Save our Hedgehogs

Save our Hedgehogs

A recent scientific study suggests that hedgehogs could be extinct within the next 20 years if their current decline trends continues. Please sign the petition to ban Mataldehyde slug pellets - one of the major causes to hedgehog deaths.

The hedgehog population of the U.K has plummeted from about 50 million to only one or two million in 50 years. According to both Brian May and Steve Backshell, in their documentary 'Meet the hedgehogs' one of the biggest single causes of this is the use by gardeners of Metaldehyde slug-pellets to kiill slugs and snails. Beacuse hedgehogs naturally eat slugs and snails, but when hedgehogs unwittingly try eating any slugs or snails that have been poisoned by slug-pellets, then they also get poisoned.

Please follow the link and sign the petition to help save our hedgehogs.

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